I am so happy to be able to launch my website today! I have worked my ass off for weeks to get this done and I finally have everything i’ve ever been proud of, all in one place.

The last ten years have been a jumble of kids, sleepless nights, working several jobs, trying to do all the things I want to do, writing, painting, drawing etc, attempting to keep on top of mountains of housework and just barely surviving it all! For so long i’ve wanted to stop spreading myself so thinly, stop doing endless things I don’t enjoy for next to no money but It’s been impossible to find the time to sort it all out and put things in place – It’s still not entirely sorted now, i’ve been trying to close down a company I used to own for about 10 months now and still haven’t been able to! Who knew closing a company was so hard!! That stress continues but still, I’m really happy to be able to properly launch my brand ‘Emvy’ which incorporates all the things that I love and hopefully in time it will be my sole focus.

I have built this website on my own (hubby helped with a few technical issues when I got to the point that I was about to throw my Macbook out the window!) but mostly I have spent hours and hours, till midnight most nights putting it all together, (well, mostly working till midnight, I often get distracted by TV or celebrity crushes and spend 45 minutes staring at pictures before managing to get my head back into it) But I HATE building websites! I HATE wordpress and i’m not good at it! There will be teething problems, there will be things that don’t work, links i’ve forgotten to connect, spelling mistakes but that’s me, imperfections and all!

The website is currently the bare bones, I plan to continually add to it and make it better, with the launch of virtual studio soon I will be offering a members passworded area to access online workshops, tutorials and courses in all things drawing and Illustration, I plan to add some kind of commenting section for product feedback and so you can tell me what you want me to make for the web-store etc.. but for now I need a little wordpress rest!