Greetings Card Parties

Do you find yourself having to nip to the shop all the time for birthday cards? Do you sometimes panic that you’ve forgotten someone’s birthday on the day and you haven’t got time to get a card? If so, why not buy all your cards for the month or even the year, in advance, so you have them as soon as you need them.

You’ve heard of a body shop party, right? And an Ann Summers party? Well this is similar… but with cards!

Book a date for your party and your party rep will deliver everything you need to host your party including card catalogues, sample cards to look through and purchase on the night, banners, order forms and more.

Invite some friends round, get the drinks in and some nibbles and have a fun evening choosing which cards to order with your friends.

All cards ordered will be delivered back to your party host soon after the party. it’s that simple!